Why Work Here

YES–This Is The Real Deal.

In A World Of Over-Hyped Opportunities, Service Champions
Offers YOU A Genuine Path To Success.

When we say that our technicians can determine their income by how hard they work and how well they listen to our training, that’s not guesswork, hype, or fluff.


Our successful technicians are out there proving it day after day, month after month, and year after year. We welcome you to listen as our technicians tell you that in their own words. Watch the many videos here and discover just how life-changing becoming a Service Champions technician has been for them.

Why Work For Service Champions

Unlimited Success

There’s an entrepreneurial spirit at Service Champions that encourages you to dream big, work hard, and get the success you want. No one will ever belittle your future or tell you to aim lower at Service Champions.


Besides a comfortable lifestyle for your family, you’ll be eligible for a 401K, plus medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Tools are also provided and there are take-home vehicles for qualified positions. There is nothing like the secure feeling of working for a rock-solid company.

Fairness & Respect

Watch the videos of our technicians below and you’ll hear again and again about how much we encourage our technicians to succeed. When you tell us you have a specific income goal, we don’t tell you why it can’t be done. In fact, the precise opposite: we give you the training and support to reach the exact level of success you want for you and your family.


Where else can you work where you can make the money you want to achieve your financial goals? FACT: Most of our technicians DOUBLE their pre-Service Champions salary within 12 to 24 months. Install Technicians can earn up to $120,000 within two years of starting (better for those whose technical skills are better than their communication skills) and Maintenance Technicians can become Service Technicians and make over $150,000 within two years of starting (better for those who have excellent communication skills). Regardless of what position you choose, you’ll almost certainly be able to earn more than you ever have!

Promises Kept

Too many companies promise to train you, talk about company values, and make vague references to earning potential during the hiring process. But then you climb aboard and find out that what’s behind the curtain was not as advertised. Service Champions is the genuine article. We promise amazing earning potential, the top training in the industry, and family-like support. And then we deliver.

Leland's Leadership

Behind every successful company is a vision and a set of values that drives everything. Our owner and founder Leland Smith has built a first-class company by being honest, approachable, and always encouraging the highest-levels of success. Leland’s leadership is based on integrity: doing what he says and leading by example.

Real Training

You don’t need experience in heating and air conditioning to be hired as a technician. We give you every bit of training you need to be successful. (In fact, even our veteran techs are supported with 150+ hours a year of ongoing training!). What matters is not experience, but an eagerness to learn. Follow our proven training methods and you’ll be good at what you do and find more success than you thought possible.

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