The Hiring Process


Step-By-Step To A Life-Changing Career.

The Path Is Clear. Get Started.

Step 1: Review Website

We’ve taken some time to create this website to answer a lot of your initial questions about what it’s really like to work as a Services Champion technician. Use this checklist to review our website in more detail:

Review ‘Why Work Here’ Page
Review ‘Who We're Looking For’ Page
See Our ‘Core Values’ Page
Watch Videos of Our Technicians
Read FAQs (Optional, but highly recommended)

Step 2: Fill Out Application

You can apply online right now – 24/7/365. The sooner you get started, the faster your new career can start.

Step 3: Weekly Tuesday Group Interview

Based on the online applications, we call select candidates to a group interview held every Tuesday at 2:00pm at our corporate headquarters in Brea. Walk-ins are also welcomed. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

After signing in, you’ll discover more about Service Champions through a combination of videos and live presentations. We’ll tell you exactly what to expect when hired, give you more details about what it takes to be a successful technician, and answer all your questions. You’ll meet your fellow applicants and be asked to stand very briefly and tell us a little about yourself.

You can expect to the entire process to go from 2:00pm to approximately 4:00pm.

Later that day, you’ll receive an email or phone call letting you know if you’ve been invited back for the next step.

Step 4: Second Interview

If you get a call from us inviting you back for a 2nd interview, be ready to come back soon – very soon. When you pass the Wednesday group interview, you’re typically invited back the very next day!

On this day, you’ll meet with a small group of our hiring experts for about 15 minutes. We’re looking for friendly communication skills and a commitment to a new career with Service Champions. The best advice we can give you is to be honest, be yourself, and tell us why you’re interested.

As with the previous step, you’ll get an email or phone call letting you know if you’re ready for the next step.

Step 5: Third Interview

We move fast at Service Champions. We want the best people, and we want them to get started earning great money sooner rather than later. We’ll typically schedule your 3rd and final interview the very next day!

This time you’ll talk with a bigger group: somewhere between 5 to 10 people. Some people worry about talking to this many people, but we’re not there to trip you up, just to make sure this is a good match. As with previous interviews, our best advice is this: be honest, be friendly, and be yourself.

Now comes the exciting part: If you pass all 3 interviews in 3 days, we’ll be calling to extend an offer to come work for Service Champions!

Step 6: Drug Test & Background Check

You’ll next receive a formal offer of employment in the mail. Also included will be information about the screening process, background checks, and employment verifications that we’ll need to finish your hiring process.

Everything you’ll need to do is spelled out clearly and the overwhelming majority of our prospective hires pass this step with flying colors.

Step 7: Training Class

You’ll be scheduled to attend our next available training class (enrollment is capped, which is why it’s better to apply right now and get your spot reserved). Our training classes are offered beginning at 4 different times during the year: January, April, July, and October. The training lasts for 14 weeks, 40 hours per week, and it’s fully paid. (Many technical institutes would be happy to charge you for what we’re going to pay you to learn!).

Your training will be customized based on which Career Track (Service Technician or Installer) has been agreed upon. Your training is an extremely important time to lay the foundation for your future success and earnings at Service Champions. Come hungry to learn and eager for a life-changing career!

IMPORTANT! Some people are intimidated by the idea of a group interview… where dozens of people are competing for one job. This is not like that! We literally have an unlimited number of openings for qualified candidates, so there are plenty of jobs open! We simply use the group interview so that we can give many people our company overview and new hire orientation at one time.

So… Are YOU Ready To Earn & Control Your Own Future?