Technician Stories

We Absolutely LOVE Working Here!

Paid Training. Rapid Advancement. Continual Support. Great Money. Feels Like Family.

Working for Service Champions isn’t just another job—it’s a life-changing experience. Listen to a few of our 130+ technicians as they tell their stories of professional and personal transformation after joining our team. We’ve included videos of both newer and more established technicians… with stories from every imaginable background and circumstance. You’ll be sure to find a few that you can identify with!

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Position: Senior Duct Advisor
Time With Service Champions: 10 Years
Luke found some success in a previous career working on cars, but when the recession hit “everything came crashing down.” He had to move back home and figure out what to do next. That’s when he discovered Service Champions and realized the potential was more than he ever thought possible. And that choice for Service Champions has paid off – big. “I added it all up… it’s in the millions now, as far as money that’s been earned.”


Position: Field Supervisor
Time With Service Champions: 17 Years
Frank had solid, proven skills as a plumber, electrician, and more… and still couldn’t pay his bills because of how hard it was to get year-round work with his previous employer. It got so bad, he even had his truck re-possessed at one point. Enter a career at Service Champions. He made $65,000 in a half year to start, then doubled it the next year, and has kept growing it ever since. “My family lives this incredible life.”


Position: Service Technician
Time With Service Champions: 2 Years
David grew up with a strong work ethic but struggled to make ends meet. So, when he started at Service Champions, he put his head down and worked hard. When he looked up a few months later, he realized his new career had earned him $35,000 in less than 6 months. By his 2nd year, he was already on pace to earn triple that annually. He loves his new life, a fact that really hit him during a special trip to the toy store with his daughter.


Position: Service Technician
Time With Service Champions: 14 Years
James served in the Navy for 15 years but left when his family needed him during a crisis. As James began searching for a job, he “did his homework,” intent on finding the best HVAC company to work for. During his research, he realized Service Champions was the clear choice, hands down. Once he found out how successful and supportive this company really is, he knew he had found the “family” that would help him build his post-Navy career.


Position: Service Technician
Time With Service Champions: 2 Years
Steven’s story was like too many others: job after job, no stability. He eventually got a steady gig, but it was only part-time and paid $41,000 annually. Even with 2 other jobs, he couldn’t make enough to start a real life. Then he found Service Champions and made $65,000 his first year, more than 3 jobs had produced the year before. And very quickly, he found himself continuing to grow his income. The new-found financial stability allowed him to propose to his girlfriend in Central Park during a trip to New York.


Position: Service Technician
Time With Service Champions: 4 Years
Michael and his wife worked in the restaurant industry. After getting married and starting a family, it became painfully obvious that it wasn’t going to be enough to provide the living they needed. Michael was unsure if HVAC was right for him – he was never particularly good at working with his hands. He took a chance on Service Champions anyway. Good call. In his first year, he made more than he had and 4 years later he’s doubled that. “There really is no limit to how much I can make.”




Position: Duct Lead Installer
Time With Service Champions: 3 Years
Josh went to college but discovered it wasn’t the right fit for him. But when he left, he wondered if his income would always be limited. He got a job at a big box store and tried to turn it into a career but ended up feeling stuck and not in control his income or growth. Then he found Service Champions, and everything clicked. Not only is he in charge of his own career path, he now makes more money than many people he knows with college degrees.