Frequently Asked Questions

Service Champions Technician FAQ

1Learn MoreHideWhat kind of money can I expect to earn as a Service Champions technician?

Service Champions is the only place you’ll work where you can practically write your own paycheck. Many of our technicians DOUBLE their pre-Service Champions salary within 12 to 24 months, and our highest earners make well over $300,000 a year.

You should also know that not everyone is interested in moving up to the highest level of earnings, and that’s absolutely fine, too. We have many technicians that are perfectly content to earn between $80,000 and $100,000. They love making a great living with a secure career.

2Learn MoreHideIs there a set path to follow to a be successful technician at Service Champions?

Yes and no. Yes, we have well-defined road maps to success that you can follow to get where you want to go, career-wise, and meet your income goals. But no, there is not just one set way to get there. We don’t try to force every technician into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ career path.

To understand how this works in more detail, we need to explain our two ‘Career Tracks.’ One track is as a Service Technician and the other track is as an Installer.

Track 1: Service Technician

The Service Technician track is best for those who are good communicators and are willing to develop those skills even more by learning to sell the Service Champions way. There is a step-by-step process on this track from maintenance technician all the way up to Field Service Representative. (We do not hire for Field Service Representative positions – that is a position that is earned as you work your way along this track).

On this track, many of our hires are earning $70,000 to $90,000 by their 2nd year. Some choose to stay at this level; others continue to work to develop higher-level skills and start climbing into six figures.

For those who climb all the way to Field Service Representative, the sky is the limit and it is not unusual for a technician at this level to be earning $300,000+. The Field Service Representative level can be attained anywhere from 3 to 10 years after starting with Service Champions.

Track 2: Installer

This is a different track and one that doesn’t demand the extensive level of communication skills as a Service Technician. (Don’t get us wrong, though – all Services Champions hires must be friendly and solid communicators!). On this track you will start as an Install Apprentice with earnings typically between $40,000 to $60,000. Typically, within in a year or two, you can earn a promotion to Lead Installer, where the income range is generally between $90,000 to $120,000. This is the top level for the Installer Career Track, and many of our technicians are very happy to maintain this level of earnings and stability.

For even more detail, please visit our The Hiring Process & Career Tracks page.

3Learn MoreHideWhat about job security?

If you want job security, you’ll be a great fit here because we only want people who desire a true career, not “just another job.”

With Service Champions, you’ll be working at a financially-stable company that has been around for 15+ years. If you work hard and can perform successfully, you’ll grow right along with our rock-solid company.

4Learn MoreHideDo I have to have experience in HVAC or a related field to apply?

No experience is required. In fact, the vast majority of our new hires DO NOT come from this field; they are people just like you who work office jobs, retail jobs, in restaurants, as Uber Drivers, in construction… you name it! We can train people with a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic to be successful in this field. The bottom line is this: bring a good work ethic and you’re going to do well!

5Learn MoreHideIf no experience is required, does that mean anybody can be hired as a Service Champions technician?

Absolutely not. Even though we don’t require experience, we are definitely selective about who we bring on board. The #1 most important factor is your attitude. We only hire candidates who combine a burning desire for success with an eagerness to learn, and a willingness to work hard. Another key is demonstrating you can excel as part of a team.

Here are other essential qualities:

  • Strong communication and customer service skills
  • Results-driven
  • Ability to work with high degree of integrity and promote positive company image
  • Analytical, with a focus on how to deliver quality
6Learn MoreHideWhat else will help me be a successful Service Champions technician?

The impression you make on our clients is a crucial part of your job. Our appearance standards include no facial hair, no visible piercings, hair above the collar, and no visible tattoos while wearing the Service Champions uniform. Politeness is mandatory, and our technicians are also punctual, helpful, and friendly.

7Learn MoreHideWho SHOULDN’T apply?

If you are looking for “fast and easy” money, you’re not the right fit. You can make great income here, but you’ll have to be hard working, ethical, and provide excellent customer service following established practices and procedures.

Also, be aware that we perform pre-employment drug screens and background checks. You also must be prepared to sign a one-year commitment. We require this because we are investing money to get you trained and we need to know you are serious about developing your career at Service Champions.

8Learn MoreHideCan I apply at any time in the future and expect there to be openings?

As a growing company, we are always bringing on new people, and we do start training classes 4 times a year. But you should also keep in mind that we cap these classes at 15 new technicians and 5 installers, and we are looking for the best people. If you think you have “the right stuff” to be a Service Champions technician, we recommend applying right now.

(And remember, the faster you get on board, the sooner you can start working your way toward higher income!).

9Learn MoreHideWhat will training be like and how long does it last?

It’s a 14-week training program that is designed to be thorough and give you the foundation to launch yourself into a new career equipped for personal and financial growth.

Another unique aspect of working as a Service Champions technician is this: even our veteran technicians continue to receive ongoing training on a regular basis – you’ll never stop learning!

10Learn MoreHideWill I be paid during my training?

Yes. Training is valued highly at Service Champions and we believe you should be paid for it. Many schools and institutes will charge you to learn a new trade. We’re teaching you AND paying you.

11Learn MoreHideOnce I complete training, what will be by duties and responsibilities?

There is the actual work of servicing HVAC systems, but just as important is the right communication with the homeowners. Here is a general list of some of what you can expect to be doing when your training is complete:

  • Perform routine maintenance on residential heating and air conditioning systems
  • Serve existing accounts by analyzing and performing on work orders; gather components, parts, and tools to complete installation
  • Maintain rapport with customers, communicate details of work being performed and educate on use of new system(s)
  • Document service and installation work performed by completing applicable forms, reports, logs, and/or records
  • Complete all tasks in accordance with Service Champions quality and safety standards
  • Attend weekly training meetings to consistently sharpen your skills

Keep in mind, that as you attain higher levels at Service Champions, your duties and responsibilities will evolve, so the above list is not complete or set in stone forever.

For example, if you are on the Service Technician Career Track, you’ll start off as a Maintenance Technician (after training). That means you’ll be performing 3 tune-ups a day as part of your duties. However, if you continue up the ladder to Field Service Representative, your responsibilities will have a much greater emphasis on communicating and selling new systems to clients, and much less on performing things like tune-ups.

Another example from our Installer Career Track: you’ll start off as an Apprentice and your duties will revolve around following the lead of a more veteran Installer. After a year or two, you can attain Lead Installer status, and then your duties or responsibilities will shift accordingly.

For even more detail, please visit our The Hiring Process & Career Tracks page.

12Learn MoreHideWhat are the company’s ethics?

We have a set of 7 Core Values that always guide us: Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Punctuality, Teamwork, Enthusiasm, And Accountability.

These aren’t just words we say; they are the foundation of everything we do. To learn more about our Core Values and why they are so important, please visit this page.

13Learn MoreHideWhat are ‘Good Deeds For Free’?

‘Good Deeds For Free’ are acts of kindness our technicians perform for our clients and community without expecting a reward or compensation of any kind. We do things as small as grabbing a newspaper off the driveway on our way to the door and as big as mowing the lawn or tracking down a lost pet.

Our technicians have performed an unbelievable variety of Good Deeds, but the really important thing to understand is the spirit of generosity behind these actions. A good technician candidate will have the kind of friendly attitude that willingly performs ‘Good Deeds For Free.”

To see some of the many Good Deeds For Free our technicians perform, go here.

14Learn MoreHideWho is Leland Smith?

Leland Smith is the owner and founder of Service Champions. He has built a first-class company by being honest, approachable, and always encouraging the highest-levels of success.

If you watch the videos of our technicians talking about their success, it’s no accident that Leland’s encouragement and leadership style comes up often. Leland leads with integrity and does what he promises.

15Learn MoreHideDo technicians receive benefits?

Yes. We offer medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits as well as a 401K account.

Qualifying positions get take-home vehicles privileges. We also have a vibrant, friendly workplace culture that includes many fun events, including a company picnic.

16Learn MoreHideHow physical is this work?

Moderate physical effort is a requirement. You’ll be performing your work moving around residential properties in places like the attic, garage, crawl space, roof, and similar areas. The job involves standing, squatting, sitting for extended periods of time and moderate exposure to physical risk.

17Learn MoreHide Do I have to have my own tools?

No. We will provide the necessary tools and equipment. Of course, we will also provide you a service vehicle to get to service calls, and certain positions qualify for take-home vehicle privileges.

18Learn MoreHideDo you conduct background checks before hiring?

Yes, you’ll need a satisfactory passing of mandatory pre-employment drug screen and background check. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license with minimal DMV infractions.

19Learn MoreHideHow can I learn more about what it’s like to be a Service Champions technician?

Probably the best way to discover more is to listen to the technicians themselves. Go here to see videos of how working for Service Champions changes lives.